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jwe-carbide co.,ltd.
    JWE Carbide Co., Ltd.Professionally manufactures tungsten carbide products for Oil and Mining industries. 
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Main Business: Tungsten carbide products
Country: China
Main Product: Carbide wearing parts and stabilizing inserts Carbide substrate for PDC bits Carbide button ,Coal auger teeth, Column, chisels, stem tips Carbide CNC shims Carbide Pin, tyre nail studs Carbide Ball Carbide Saw Tips
Add: tiantai jingu industrial zone
Postcode: 412007
Tel: 86073122758601
Cellphone Number: 13787818664
Fax: 86073122758601
Who for contact: Kim
Email: kim@jwe-carbide.com
Website: http://www.jwe-carbide.com
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