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Shandong Ruixin Tungsten Co.,LTD
    Shandong Ruixin Tungsten Co.,LTD, located in Jinan Lingang Industrial Zone, covers an area of 21.3Mu. Ruixin Tungsten has first-class equipments for production and testing of hard metal, with capability of annual output of 300 tons of tungsten carbide products for the first-stage project. Mining products are main products of Ruixin Tungsten, including coal mining bit, button bit, shield tooth, engineering tooth, brazing sheet, blast furnace brazing sheet, cutter blade, mixtures, and atypical nonstandard which are exported to Japan, Singapore, India, Europe and the United States, and well received by customer in China and abroad.
Ruixin Tungsten focus on brand building, with great investment on equipment and technology to improve the quality. The company is striving for providing excellent products and service to customers.
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Main Business: Tungsten carbide products
Country: China
Main Product: Conical Bits,Special-shaped Alloy,Spherical Bits,Parabolic Bits,Mushroom Bits,Coal Milling Bits,Road Milling Bits,Blast Furnace Taphole Bits,Composite Matrix,Shield Bits Blade
Add: Lingang North Rd, Lingang Development Zone, Jinan, Shandong Province
Tel: 86-531-66956788 /66716499
Cellphone Number:
Fax: 86-531-85980625
Who for contact:
Email: stsh.1688@163.com
Website: http://www.ruixintungsten.com/
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